How to Build a Home Solar Power System

February 10, 2009

Solar Power

Solar Power


Solar power is energy generated from light. 

Since solar energy’s source is from our Sun, it makes it free energy!

If we could collect all the light emitted onto Earth in 1 hour, we would have enough energy for world’s entire needs for a year!

The Sun’s light also provides heat in the form of ultraviolet rays. This can also be used to heat water, without the need to generate electricity.

The parts to a home solar power system take the light photons, and convert them into electricity.

Wind power generators have turbines which turn from the power of the wind. A wind generator then produces electricity which if converted to a suitable voltage and amps, will provide your home with free electricity.

Solar and wind power for residential homes is not cheap if you contract a company to install the equipment and it would take years to recoup your investment.

I can show you how to build your own home solar system cheap! I can show you how to build a solar panel for 200.00, a wind generator for 200.00. It is very easy to do and doesn’t take much time to build them.

There are many grants which can help you get money for a home solar power system and a wind power system for your home which would make it even cheaper than if you had to pay for it all yourself.

If you utilize solar power or wind power, you ultimately help in creating a better and cleaner world, with free energy! 

Believe it or not, some of the power companies will even buy your excess energy! This would be real nice for a change instead of paying them!

For more information on how to build a home solar power system, click the link.